Private Trusts

Collas Crill Trust acts for trusts created by both private and institutional clients and also provide trustee services to charitable trusts and pension schemes.

While there is no legal requirement for the trustees of a Guernsey trust to be resident, it is most often necessary that they be located outside of any higher-tax jurisdiction to avoid the risk of the trust itself becoming liable to tax there.

In addition, the very act of being a trustee is not something that should be undertaken by those not fully conversant with the laws, regulations and practices that need to be considered. Collas Crill Trust has been in the business of providing trustees since 1988 and has significant expertise in this field.

Collas Crill Trust's commitment to investing in excellence in our staff, systems and training enable us to provide efficient, timely and professional administration and accounting services for trusts, whether we also act as trustees or otherwise.

For settlors/advisers looking for independent professional parties to act as protectors (or enforcers for Purpose Trusts) we are able to provide the necessary skills and independence required.

Through our connection with Collas Crill, we are able to secure first class legal advice in connection with all aspects of Guernsey Trust law.

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