Cell Companies

Collas Crill Trust incorporates and administers cell companies, which are becoming a well recognised structure amongst international finance centres.

There are two types of cell companies in Guernsey:

  • The Protected Cell Company (PCC)

A PCC is a single legal entity with separate and distinct "cells" within it. Each cell may, but is not required to, have cell shares. A cell of a PCC cannot contract in its own name; it is the PCC which will be the contracting party, in respect of the relevant cell which must be identified.

  • The Incorporated Cell Company (ICC) and its Incorporated Cells (ICs)

ICs contract in their own names as they are separate and distinct entities from their ICC. However, they are seen as particularly versatile structures for the following reasons:

  • a lower cost base (compared to standalone companies) because of the ability to share management costs through the ICC, particularly attractive for fledgling ventures; and 
  • the ability to spin-off an IC or convert into a stand-alone company through various mechanisms set out in the legislation. 

There are other ways in which ICCs and ICs may be reorganised. As with PCCs, they could be used for structuring investment holding companies.

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