Private Companies

The location of management and control of a company will often be a crucial factor in deciding that company's tax residence.

Collas Crill Trust is able to provide directors for companies, in circumstances where we are satisfied that the business activities are such that we are able and willing to perform the necessary tasks and manage the inherent risks of assuming such office.

As well as providing management services, Collas Crill Trust can also provide a full range of support services. Our experienced company secretarial team can advise on statutory filings required and other local Guernsey compliance issues and can assist in the drafting of Board Resolutions and similar items.

Full book-keeping, accounts preparation and general administrative functions can be provided from our offices and staff, all of whom are based on Guernsey.  With Guernsey having moved to a 0% tax rate for most companies from 1 January 2008,  many company owners are considering relocating their base of activities to Guernsey.

Where the initial size of an operation does not justify a full office set-up then Collas Crill Trust can provide managed and serviced office facilities until such time as the operation is of sufficient scale to go it alone.

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